Planning Application

Planning Application – Udney Park Road

3rd Teddington Scout Group fully supports the planning application for the former Imperial College Playing Fields on Udney Park Road for these reasons:

Teddington will GAIN 9.5 acres of private land as a publicly accessible, purpose built sports and community space at no cost to the tax payer and IN PERPETUITY.  In addition, Quantum has committed to building the community facilities and handing them over to the Community Interest Company (CIC) in its Section 106 agreement before any of its retirement flats are occupied.

The plans provide for a mix of sustainable facilities that will enable the CIC to run a viable non-profit organisation for the community.  Grass pitches alone cannot provide the level of income needed to cover their own upkeep, let alone the refurbishment of the clubhouse or any other community activity. The only way to make the site financially viable is as part of an enabling development and increase the range of site use through suitable facilities.

It is not just about sports fields.  This proposal includes a community facility which will serve as a permanent home to our Scout Group and as a meeting place for many other groups.  We have first-hand experience of the shortage of community meeting space in Teddington, with the current aging clubhouse as the only venue we could find when we were made homeless in 2016 by Christ Church.   Without this accommodation, our over-subscribed group may have to close just before it hits its 100th birthday.

We also see the merits in the provision of retirement housing and a purpose-built surgery on site. 

We believe that this is a much better result for Teddington than any other likely outcome for this site.  This is a considered, serious and financially viable opportunity to secure 9.5 acres of land for the Teddington community.

Let’s not lose out on this offer and leave the future of this space to chance

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